Import Export Quaranty


Are you importing a pet from an European country by plane or boat/ferry? We can fetch him/her for you at the breeder and bring him to the intercontinental transporter at the airport or harbour.

When importing a pet there are regulations to be met and certain documents are required, for some countries a period of quarantine is required. We can inform you what regulations apply for your country and on your request, make the necessary arrangements .


Are you exporting a pet to an European country? We can pick him/her up at the Airport/harbour and bring him/her to his new owner. We can inform you what regulations apply for the country you are exporting to and on request make the necessary arrangements.


Some countries require specific quarantine periods, inoculations , blood testing, etc.
Every country has its own set of regulations .
Quarantine time can be done at special facilities in your own country.

An alternative to shorten this quarantine stay or even make it unnecessary (does not apply for all countries) is to let your pet through the Pet Travel Scheme Pet Travel Scheme

In short this means you will need to be sure your pet has a valid 'PETS' certificate, which involves being fitted with a microchip, vaccinated and blood-tested against rabies. (an official third country veterinary certificate is required If your pet comes from a non listed EU country)
In both cases this means you will have to find a kennel or private person who makes sure the necessary requirements are seen to and will take care of your pet during this period of waiting until all regulations are met. We can help you find such a person.