conditions & Rates

Conditions & Rates

  • We do not drive for commercial kennels or holders of animals.

  • We do not handle aggressive animals

  • Your pet must have a certificate of health from a vet no older than 3 days

  • Your pet must at least be 8 weeks old


Each journey will be priced individually depending on routings and pet services required

Our fee is based on a kilometre price that we have to drive, starting and ending at our address.
€ 0,35 per kilometre and € 70,00 per day (€ 35,00 per half day)

This DOES NOT include the cost of air travel tickets, ferrytickets, boarding, vet bills, etc., as these costs vary widely and are not needed by all of our clients.

Do you want us to make an estimate free of charge and obligations? Please email us the following:

  1. type of pet
  2. age
  3. size*
  4. weight
  5. where do we pick up your pet? (town and country, airport/harbour)
  6. what would be our destination?( town and country, airport/harbour)
  7. name of Airport and city your pet will be flying to **

* It is very important the crate has the necessary and adequate ventilation and the required size:

The internal crate measurement has to be greater than the length of your pet, by at least 2 inches - allowing enough space for your pet to stand up, turnaround and lie down with legs out.

Below is an outline of how best to measure your pet:

  • A) The Length of your pet when standing; Base of Tail to Tip of Nose
  • B) The Height of your pet when standing: Floor to Top of Head or Ear


**If you are importing/exporting your pet from the European mainland, we can also arrange the flight for your pet, however you pay for the flight directly to the intercontinental transporter.